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Manufacturing - Woven Ribbons

American Ribbon Manufacturers was incorporated in 1932.  American Ribbon's sister company, Monroe Silk Mills, was incorporated in 1913 and is one of America's oldest ribbon manufacturers still in the country.  Through the years, the companies have produced various types of ribbon, including military badge ribbon and parachute cord used in World War II.  Today the company continues as a manufacturer and seller of high quality ribbon by offering its customers a wide selection of standard and custom made ribbons. Those interested in custom printed or custom woven ribbon can contact the manufacturing department by calling (570) 421-7470.

Retail Store
- Ribbon, Craft, Fabric, Trophies and more

Located in the heart of downtown Stroudsburg Pa.
The retail store is much more than just a ribbon outlet.
We carry many different items to meet your needs,
and if you don't see it we will try to order it for you!

Manufacturing History:

                  In 1913, Stroudsburg Silk Mill and Stringer merged to form Monroe Silk Mills.  Officers of the firm included A. R. J Wallace, president; F. W. Kimmerle, vice-president and general manager; Chester H. Rhodes, secretary; James H. Arbogast, treasurer; and F. C. Achenbach, assistant general manager.  James H. Arbogast is the great grandfather of the current owner.  Mr. Kimmerle was the only one that had any familiarity or knowledge in the silk business.  All the others were local business men. 

                  In the beginning, there was only 14 ribbon looms.  Monroe Silk Mills increased their manufacturing equipment to 132 looms.  But the most important to the success was the matter of dying the ribbon.  In 1918, Monroe Silk Mills became a state of the art mill. The mills structure beams were manufactured local steel giant Bethlehem Steel that is no longer in business.  The complex included a dye house and finishing room that contained and used the most modern equipment at that time.   It included a Permutit softener system was used to treat the water for the dyeing and a power generating plant. 

                  American Ribbon Manufacturers is the retail division of Monroe Silk Mills.  In the 1930s through the 1960s, the sales offices and warehouses were located in the Empire State Building and Woolworth building in New York City. 

                  During World War II, the entire area was completely fenced off and declared a restricted area.  Our buildings housed the Arbo Machine Shop and produced the projectiles that were screwed onto the tops of the shell casings.  In the Silk Mill, they produced parachute cord and military ribbon.  As a result, the mill was working 7 days a week 24 hours a day with 1 hour off per a week for machine maintenance. 

                  In the years after the war, Monroe Silk Mills has manufactured ribbon for Samsonite Luggage, seat belts for GM, military ribbon, ribbon for clothing and crafts, and a selection of patriotic ribbon.  During this time James Arbogast bought out his partners and became the sole owner of Monroe Silk Mills and American Ribbon Manufacturers.  Still to this day is own by the same family.  It was passed down to Kenneth W. Barthold, current owner’s father.  The current owner Kenneth A. Barthold is then going to pass it down to his son Kenneth Gregory Barthold. 

                  In the 100 years of operations, Monroe Silk Mills and American Ribbon Manufacturers has survive many disasters in its history. 

-        1955- Agnes Flood

-        1971- Fire in the back building

-        1976- On March 21, a tornado that took off part of the second floor

-        1979- Boiler Explosion 

In the last quarter of century, Monroe Silk Mills has been producing ribbons for military medals and badges for all wars and awards and patriotic ribbon for desert storm and the bombings on 911.  We also produce sash ribbons for organizations such as Knights of Columbus, The Order of The Eastern Star, and The Masonic Order.  We have also produced ribbon for the United States Postal Service and UPS that you can see on their uniforms. 

In 1979, the first floor of the main building became The American Ribbon Outlet and craft store.  Over the years, it has grown into a complex of stores.  Currently, the building houses Monroe Silk Mills that still manufacture beautiful ribbon on the second floor that not only gets sold in the store, but sold and shipped all over the United States and all over the world.  The store is located on the first floor. We carry a large selection of ribbon and craft items including and not limit to wood pieces, paints, Wilton products, jewelry making supplies, beads, Christmas decoration supplies, model rockets, Boy scout pinewood derby supplies, kids crafts, quilling, knitting and crochet supplies, yarn, the list goes on and on.  We are currently one of the largest fabric departments in the area. 

Just recently in 2009, the building got a face lift to ensure our longevity.  In the process, we replaced our old windows with the same grid style the windows were like back when the building was built in 1918.  We are currently working on face lifting the retail area by painting and reorganizing to make shopping easier for our customers.     

Please check our list of items below:

  • Ribbon
  • Craft Supplies
  • Seasonal Craft and Decorating Items
  • Printed Ribbon for Favors
  • Jewelry Making Supplies
  • Fabrics - including upholstery and foam
  • Yarns
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Antique wood spools
  • Pine car and Model Rocketry
  • Ho and O scale trains and scene making supplies
  • Greeting Cards at 3/$1.40
  • Chocolate Candy Making Supplies
  • Boxes and Bags
  • Northern Light Candles
  • Trophies, Awards and Medals
  • much more....please stop in to see for yourselves.
  • Wholesaler purchasing available - must be approved by the office.
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